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“This is the best looking footage I have ever shot… these are the best images I have ever seen!” “No, really… this is the best footage I have ever seen from any camera. Ever.”
-John Schwartzman / DP - "The amazing Spiderman"
on the New Red Epic

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  • ZTA Cast crppoed

    Zombie Temp Agency is now in Production

    Zombie Temp Agency    I have just started filming the movie “Zombie Temp Agency”, scheduled for release later this year.  I am the
  • Greenscreen bts_2

    Greenscreen Behind the Scenes

    Just wanted to share some behind the Scenes photos on the Green screen shoot I shot with ProductionFor.  Hope you all enjoy!  
  • Red Epic X Coming Soon

    Red Epic is Coming to Mass Earth Films

      Our Stage 3 reservation for the new Red Epic-X is due in the next few months as stated by Jim Jannard, CEO
  • thesinner1

    The Sinner

    As "The Sinner" comes to a close in post-production, Mass Earth Films is pleased to be a big part of helping bring a

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